Monday, 27 February 2017

Morris Hexathon - when two wrong (sides) would make a right

After several months of stitching, the end is in sight for my first hand pieced quilt. A productive day at February’s Leeds MQG meant I had only three pieces left to stitch when I got home that evening. Fortuitously, I had a piece of fleece the right size and colour in my stash for the backing and even more fortuitously, friends with a large table invited us over at the weekend. They are quite happy for me to use their table to baste quilts, but it might have been better to do it before a couple of glasses of wine rather than after. What you can't see from the photo (and I didn't spot at the time) is that the right side of the backing is facing the wrong side of the quilt.

When I got the quilt out yesterday to start the quilting, I realised that the backing was on the wrong way round. So after a few choice words, it was a matter of unpinning it and repining it on our much smaller table. Luckily, there were no hiccups when I eventually started the quilting and I managed to complete the first (and maybe only) stage in a few hours. I’ve done an “echo and link” pattern around the hexagons which will be enough to hold the layers together. The simple pattern looks rather nice from the back so I’m tempted to leave it at that for the quilting, but I’ll have a little ponder whether to add something in each of the hexagons.

Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Decisions, Decisions

My Morris Hexathon quilt has reached the awkward and unwieldy stage of EPP, but the end is in sight as 24 of the hexagon blocks have been joined together, leaving only eight hexagons and the edge filler pieces to add.

This means that I need to think about a new long-term hand stitching project. I’ve narrowed it down to either the Lucy Boston Patchwork of the Crosses using Liberty lawn or Glorious Hexagons using Kaffe Fassett.

If I were to do the POTC quilt, I would make it smaller than in the book so I would have to work out how much background fabric to get but I would certainly have enough Liberty in my stash for the rest of it and I have a Sizzix die for the papers. If I were to do the Glorious Hexagons, I could make a start with the Kaffe Fassett fabrics I have and add to them as needed, but I wonder if it is time for a change from pieced hexagons.

Both these quilts have been run as Block of the Month clubs last year (and are being repeated this year), so I think  a Google search for comments and inspiration is needed – I may be gone for some time!

Friday, 30 December 2016

Looking back on 2016

This year, sewing has had to take a back seat and so I knew there wouldn’t be a great deal to show for my end of year round up. As you can see, quilts are conspicuous by their absence though I have two quilt tops waiting to be quilted and bound for Project Linus, but they will appear in next year’s finishes. This year’s sewing has been mainly bags and small quick projects, but I am pleased to have finished the blocks for the Morris Hexathon and hope to have this quilt finished early next year.


Sadly I no longer have “Not Our Cat” to be a furry pattern weight and help me with my sewing. Leukaemia and old age took its toll and his owners (our neighbours), knowing how much time he spent with us, kindly came over to tell us so that we were not left wondering what had happened to him. 

However, before he went he started training an understudy and so I now have “Not Our Cat 2” (from the same neighbours!) helping me pick fabrics and ensuring that all future projects will still have the black fur seal of approval.
Planning for next year, I want to continue to try to use stash (the cotton sheets and incubator covers I made this year were great stash busters), to finish the two Project Linus quilts and my Morris Hexathon quilt, and to find a new EPP block a month/week project. Though I think my first challenge for 2017 will be to try to resist the bargains in the sales that have now started.